Clase Azul Asia presents

常連-Joren- Verano Edition

$65.00 USD
通常価格 セール価格 $65.00 USD
セール 売り切れ

Date & Time:  August 17th, 2023  |  19:00-21:00 

RSVP by Aug 15th 

Venue:  THE GREY ROOM at Gicros Ginza Gems 11F
                6-4-2 Ginza Chuo-Ku Tokyo 104-0061


この度は「常連-Joren Verano Edition」というプライベート試飲会にご招待いたします。

We are inviting you to our Joren event Verano Edition. 


【Admission | 入場料】 

お一人様 10,000円(税込) / ¥10,000 per person (tax & service fee included)

内訳 | Includes: 

1. Welcome Cocktail 
2. Special Tasting & Pairing
3. Clase Azul Original Summer Cocktail 
         ➕  Agave Spirits seminar by Ferri Khadem (Brand Ambassador)



Please note that seats are limited, hence make sure to purchase your tickets no later than August 15th. 

*Since this is a private tasting event, we are not advertising it on our website nor social media platforms. This page is only accessible via the URL sent to you by DM or QR code on the flyer.  




India is a transgression of many cultures, traditions, rituals and indulgence; all coexisting in perfect harmony. Amidst the frenetic frenzy there is an unstated method.

The Grey Room is a created representation of a journey of after-hours release, conversations, revelations, friendships and bonds. It’s a space where things happen amongst those who savour lifes little moments as much as board- room victories. It’s a space for those who have seen the world and appreciate the small details, like our choice of decor, curated bar snacks and our unique cocktail program that will make it’s debut in Ginza, Tokyo. The Grey Room allows for expression and indulgence, you are safe within these walls, this is your cocoon. Let the spir- its rise as they flow.

The logo is a typographic revelation of creating harmony within differences. Three letters of the abbreviation, T, G, and R have been merged in to one, they can be read individually yet come together as one letter.

This draws a parallel to how you may visit us as individuals but you will leave from here in harmony and sync as one.