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Whiskey Lovers, a Choice of 100% Agave Tequila, a Fine Distilled Spirits

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The recent boom in premium whiskey has caused prices to skyrocket. While it is loved by many for its rich flavor and elegant aroma, it has become difficult to obtain in recent years due to its popularity.

It is to such "premium whiskey" lovers that we would like to introduce "100% Agave Tequila". Of course, this is not a "superior" or "inferior" comparison, but as a kind of "alternative," you should be able to love it.

Let us introduce you to the noble taste of "100% Agave Tequila," its similarities with premium whiskey, and its many other attractions.

Luxurious agave, a raw material produced over a long period of time.

To begin with, what is "100% Agave Tequila"? Let us start from there.

You are probably familiar with the drink tequila. It is not uncommon for a shot glass of tequila to appear at an enjoyable party with friends. Tequila is a distilled spirit made from agave azul, a plant native to Mexico. In order to call itself tequila, it must contain at least 51% agave azul, and there are strict rules regarding the manufacturing process.






Among the tequilas, "100% Agave Tequila" is made with even stricter standards, and with a lot of time and effort. Only agave azul is allowed as an ingredient. Therefore, the bottle is labeled "100% De Agave.

Incidentally, the name "agave" is derived from the Greek word "agaue," meaning "noble. Agave is also sometimes called "agave all-year orchid" because of the legend that it blooms only once in a hundred years. The agave takes five to six years to grow, with the longest taking up to 10 years. The "100% Agave Tequila" is a noble distilled spirit made from 100% agave, which is a precious raw material in itself.






Barrel aging" brings character to 100% agave tequila

The appeal of tequila is not only its precious raw materials.
After distillation, it may be bottled and shipped fresh and fragrant, but the type recommended for whiskey lovers is the one that has undergone barrel aging.


There are variations in the type of barrels used for aging, ranging from French oak to sherry, cognac, and wine barrels. In some cases, after aging in new French oak barrels, the original wine is transferred to sherry barrels for further aging to complete the process.

Also, in general, the age of tequila is indicated by its designation.
Those that are unaged or aged less than 60 days are called 'plata,' 'blanco,' or 'silver'; those aged two months or more are called 'reposado,' those aged one year or more 'anejo,' and those aged three years or more 'extra aejo.'

In addition to the unique fruity flavor and sweetness of agave, the rich aroma of the barrel and the deep richness of tequila, like whiskey or brandy, are the main attractions of tequila.
Now that you have heard all this, you probably have a good idea of why you should take the time to savor it.
If you are a whiskey lover, you are suddenly interested in 100% agave tequila with the aroma of the barrel.

Straight, a way to enjoy the aroma and color.

There are numerous ways to enjoy tequila. Whether you want to guzzle it down in shots, enjoy its flavor on the rocks, or add soda for a lighter taste, there are many ways to enjoy tequila.

What we recommend here is to pour it into a tulip glass and enjoy it slowly and straight. Enjoy the rich aroma and beautiful color of tequila while sipping it slowly.

Enjoy the color with your eyes, smell the aroma, and taste it carefully. I want you to feel its unique expression while sharpening all your senses.
It should be just like the way you enjoy premium whiskey. The slowly changing aroma over time is one of the charms of 100% agave tequila. Let's forget about the time and enjoy a cup of tequila to your heart's content.


Artesanal tequila with a barrel-aged charm that you should taste once.

I want to enjoy 100% agave tequila with the flavor of agave azul and the rich aroma of barrel-aged tequila! If you think so, we hope you will try our artisanal tequila, Clase Azul. Here are some of our recommended products.

Clase Azul Tequila Reposado


This tequila is a feat of craftsmanship, individually hand-formed and hand-painted by Mexican artisans.
It is laid down in American whiskey casks for eight months, resulting in a creative flavor and smooth mouthfeel with hints of hazelnut and vanilla from the aging process.


Not only is the design exceptional, but also the taste and aroma. The luxurious gold glimmering aroma of agave honey, vanilla, and a hint of cinnamon waver on the palate and leave a beautiful aftertaste.

Clase Azul Tequila Reposado

Clase Azul Tequila Gold

Based on Tequila Clase Azul Plata, "Reposado" aged in French oak and a special "Extra Añejo" aged for eight years in American whiskey casks and finished in sherry casks are blended to create a gem that is both easy to drink and has a rich, complex flavor and aroma.

The decanter, inspired by the image of "twilight, that enchanting moment when darkness accentuates the golden sunset," is so beautiful that it no longer needs words. The sweetness of agave syrup, the mellow aroma of orange peel and fresh figs, and a hint of bitterness in the end. It is a wine to be savored in the evening.

Clase Azul Tequila Gold

Clase Azul Tequila Añejo







A dark amber color and deep aroma produced from tequila made using traditional methods and laid down in American whiskey casks for 25 months.
You will enjoy its spicy, woody aroma and slightly sweet, mellow flavor.

Unparalleled weighty brilliance and coppery shimmer with a robust, full-bodied flavor. Deep flavors of baked hazelnut and vanilla, with hints of nutmeg and clove, captivate the nose, eyes, and heart. The distinctive silky mouthfeel and finish will leave you completely intoxicated.


Clase Azul Tequila Añejo

Beyond Premium Whiskey, a Luxury Tequila Option

Each bottle of Clase Azul is a concentration of the brand's philosophy and the pride of its makers. For those who have honed their palates with premium whiskey, we hope you will try the deep flavor of this luxury tequila.

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